Architect and photographer, passionate about lifestyle and traveling. 

Brazilian, currently situated in Stuttgart, Deutschland. 

The photographs on this website are copyright. Portfolio has been developed through the years during work, traveling and personal projects.


Architecture and Design should be accessible to all.

We can change lives through Design. Create Happiness.

Beauty is anywhere. Everywhere. Train your eyes to appreciate it.


Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism - Uniplac - DF - Brazil (2010)

Professional Photography Course - F/508 - Brazil (2013)
Master in Architecture - University of Portsmouth - UK (2016)

Personal Projects

Currently working in a personal project about Architectural Photography around Europe.

Architecture is part of who I am rather than what I do for a living. I believe the way you see the world changes drastically when you study architecture, especially if you come to study it from the very beginning - historical facts. Society is caved by behaviors and its architecture is simply a shape of the reality of the time.
— Cynara Bueno